Hi, I'm Rachel!

So I want to start by telling a story. I have always loved photography. But I mostly lived behind my iPhone camera. However, I had this Sony camera I never really used because my phone took just as good of pics. Fast forward to our wedding last year! We found the most AMAZING wedding photographer that I honestly can say I became friends with! She made us feel so BEAUTIFUL and have FUN in front of the lens. We got SO many photos that I cherish with all my heart! So she fully inspired to get back to my good camera and FINALLY learn how to use it to all its ability. I learned how to get on manual setting mode and once I really learned my camera, I upgraded so that I could provide amazing, beautiful work to others, and make others feel as great as our wedding photographer made us feel! 

So about me deets - I am a tech geek by day, and aspiring photographer by night. I am a wife. I am a pet mommy (we have 11 pets!). I love golden hour sun, and being barefoot. You can find me watching trash tv, sometimes working out, and a lot of the time taking photos of our pets. 

I dream of capturing moments for people. I dream of giving you beautiful work - whether that be of you, your family, your partner, your pets, your house, your guitar... whatever YOU want!