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Wedfest | It's all in the wedding details (pt. 1)

When we were planning our wedding, I told my husband I wanted something different. My vision was for different elements that would stick out. After brainstorming and working with our amazing wedding planner (Indy Gigz) my vision came to life. We landed on "Wedfest". I wanted games. I wanted boho. I wanted nature. I wanted Coachella/Woodstock but wedding style.

Wedfest is quite the thing in the U.K. I have come to realize. This type of festival style wedding is something that I found quite a bit of inspo on! I even found a Wedfest designer! So we made this come to life.

Wedfest wristbands

Now by no means do I think everyone needs to do bright, vibrant, wedding festival theme. But I do want to write about wedding details. Because sometimes we get stuck in thinking of what a wedding "should be" and don't think outside the box.

Invites! Before we landed on how the invites should/could look, I spend hours...and I mean HOURS looking through websites with invites. Not seeing anything that was us. I almost settled on an invite that was just a basic template on some site. Then we found Pickle Prints. For around the same cost as we would have spent on a website, we got them customized to fit the vision! We did a tear off postcard for the RSVP card. And of course, made it super vibrant and colorful!

Wedfest invitation

I mean....how fun is this?!

We also did landyards and festival wristbands! Extra? Sure. But different? Yup! It's all in the small details!

And of course, the favors. Now this was a big one. How many weddings have you been to that had favors where you either brought them home and forgot about, OR left at the wedding? I know I am certainly guilty of that! So we went with CANDY as our favor! And let me tell you - it was a HIT! There was a freakin' line of people waiting to get the candy! To stick with the theme, we went old school, nostalgia style! Lollipops, candy cigarettes, rock candies, etc! Believe it or not, it really didn't even break the bank! There's a number of different websites that offer nostalgia candy!

Our day was different but our day was perfect. If you need help to plan your day or think of creative ideas for your details, send me a shout! I would be happy to share more of my ideas!!

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